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"None can live alone without others because every one needs support from others.Therefore, love is so important.The person who claims to love others should prevent from selfishness."


I designed my blog in order to let others know more information about me. They can be my friends or anybody who visit my blog. So, it contains the updated  information about me and photos. Besides that , I like to post some messages  from the        books after reading those ones which seem more interesting for me. Sometimes I can post my own advice depending on what I have realized. That is the reason why I let others read those information so that they can learn something from what I have posted.
Furthermore,this blog will be an opportunity to exchange experience with others.

I am 28 years old,a Rwandan by Nationality.I am pursuing Master of Arts in Public relations and Media management at Cavendish University Uganda.God has done miracles for me and used people  so that I could get what He had already planned even before my birthday.
I met people who became my blessings.I always recognize what they have done.I will never forget Hetty Franzani who inspired me to study and paid for my Masters.May God bless her,her family and friends.

I also expand my thanks to any person who will be interested in reading what I post on my blog and have a will to interact with me.
As God loves us.Let us live in harmony.



Briefly ,this is the following Statement of the problem of my study,Objectives and Significance of the Study.

1.2. Statement of the problem

Communication strategies were adopted by Rwanda government through the Ministry of Health so that the population could be aware of malaria prevention measures. They used broadcast media, print media, sketches, bill boards, etc. According to KT Press (2015), since 2011, Imbuto foundation has reached more than 800,000 Rwandans with malaria prevention and treatment messages.
According to Rwanda Biomedical Center report (2014), during the financial year 2013 to 2014, two Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) campaigns were organized instead one campaign planned in high risk areas of malaria transmission respectively Bugesera, Gisagara and Nyagatare districts. However, Urunana Development Communication highlighted that some people shun sleeping under mosquito nets for various reasons ranging from allergies claims to be inconveniencing when used.
Despite malaria campaigns being implemented in Rwanda generally and Gisagara in particular, according to the Rwanda Ministry of Health, the death toll from malaria was 439 in 2012. In 2013, around 900, 000 cases of malaria were diagnosed and 409 people among these, died, 30 per cent of them being children under five years. 
This research therefore seeks find out the relationship between effective communication and the combating of malaria among children below 5 years, to find out why effective communication has not yet yielded the results of reducing malaria infection, the outstanding cause of this persistent malaria, to check whether the feedback from malaria messages has an impact on the fight against malaria in children below 5 years and then provide possible solutions or even recommend possible measures to the problem in question.

1.3. Purpose/general objective of the study

The general objective of the study will be to examine the role of effective communication in combating malaria among children under five years in Rwanda. The research will focus on Ministry of Health in Gisagara District as a case study.

1.4. Specific objectives

The study will be guided by the following specific objectives:
i) To find out the relationship between effective communication and malaria fight among children under five years.  
ii) To establish the role of effective communication in combating malaria among children under five years in Gisagara District.
iii) To assess the constraints in using effective communication as a way of combating malaria among children under five years in Gisagara District.

1.5. Research Questions

i) Is there a relationship between effective communication and malaria fight among children under five years in Gisagara District?
ii) What is the role of effective communication in combating malaria among children under five years in Gisagara District?
iii) What are the constraints of using effective communication in combating malaria among children under five years in Gisagara District?

1.6. Justification of the study

        i.            The study findings will contribute to the existing knowledge on effective communication and combating Malaria among the children under five years which knowledge will be useful to academicians interested in further studies on related and similar subject matters.
      ii.            The study findings will help the Ministry of Health and other decision makers when it comes to guiding policy on the usefulness of effective communication in combating malaria among children under five years in Rwanda and other places in world.
    iii.            The study will come up with recommendations and suggestions for Ministry of Health in Gisagara District on the best way to carry effective communication to combat malaria among the children under five years in Rwanda.
    iv.            Besides these, the research is a partial fulfillment of the award of Master of Arts in public relations and media management of Cavendish University Uganda and opening up further research undertakings.

                               3.2. Study Population

The study population will be 1100 people. These will include the communicators such as public relations or communications officers and community health workers, which will include service providers like nurses and receivers of malaria messages – adults only, in Gisagara District.

                               3.3.Sample size and selection

We determined our sample size by using Krejcie and Morgan table. The study shall use a sample size of 285. The sample size in this study shall be determined by two techniques: Purposive and stratified random as shown in table 1 below.

-I request you to pray for me because it requires a lot of money    which I don't have.But I believe in God that He can open ways when the things become so difficult and I  really know that God is our provider and friends can play a great role is solving our problems. 

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Monday, September 8, 2014



Life in Master 's program is different from the life in Bachelor's program.As I have finished the first year of my Master of Arts in Public relations and media management,I realized that the way the lecturers teach is quite different from how they teach in  Bachelor's program.In Master,there  are a lot of assignments so that the students can find the further knowledge on their own.
The exams are very difficult !It requires reflection and giving your own ideas about what you are asked.

 In our daily life, making commitment is so important to accomplish  the tasks you are assigned to do.In that case,I like to attend the class early so that  I can understand what I am studying.

                                          I was in class waiting for other students and lecturer.

Relationship with others , is so helpful in achieving your goals.Therefore, I used to be with other students so that we may explain the courses one another.
 I was together with my friend from Sudan,we were studying Financial management course.

I was together with my friend from Uganda,we were waiting to present Marketing management coursework.

Despite of different challenges,God is always there for us and He enables us to achieve our objectives.So,we need to be  strong and believe Him and work hard because God can not help us if we don't want to use our energy.We make our efforts and God helps us in those things which we can not do due to our limited capacity.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The following photos were taken when I was doing my internship at HUGUKA radio station in 2011.I was broadcasting the talk show ON AIR. Before being in Studio for producing the talk show.It is compulsory to choose the topic which will be interesting to the audience. Furthermore,you have to choose the topic which is educating the audience so that the people can learn something after listening to the talk show.At the end ,you let the audience react about what have been said and they can give you their opinions.In that case,you figure out whether the topic was interesting or boring depending on how the audience has given you their  feedback.

There is some explanations

 As communication is so crucial in shaping our lifestyle.We need to talk to the people and let them talk to us.In this case,one can learn from another.